Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kindred spirit

Luke 5-2010 001 blog Yesterday on the Sandia tram we met a kindred spirit. The glint in this almost-two-year-old boy’s eyes held the same happy, wild, crazy energy that shines so often from Luke’s big brown peepers. Like our Luke, all that exuberance was tempered by a spontaneous sweetness evidenced by a couple sudden retreats to his mom’s arms for a hug. It was fun to meet a slightly older version of our little Luke. Too bad they didn’t seem to be from Albuquerque!

While his crazy energy bursts bring me lots of laughs, I also love the sweet Mommy-love that tempers Luke’s wild man streak. Often he’ll be in the midst of playing and just clearly be seized with an overwhelming urge to run up to me and give me a hug or his new version of  a kiss – a head bump. So he’ll dash over to me and hold his arms up urgently, requesting a quick squeeze before being released back on the floor for more play. And a week or two ago he even repeated “love you” when he was in an especially sweet mood during his bedtime routine. What a heart-melter!

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