Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween weekend!

This year Luke had two more admirers for his Halloween costume. Grandma and Grandpa Nielsen came out to visit for the weekend! Luke has developed into such a pumpkin enthusiast that we decided to spend Sunday afternoon at another pumpkin patch. The combination of autumn gourds and child-size tractors made for a Lukan paradise which could only be enhanced by Grandpa’s willingness to push the little boy around on the tractor.

Later that evening our wholesome little farmer morphed into a fearsome tiger! Watch out below!

Despite his stealthy prowling and wild roars, this tiger did have a soft spot for the paparazzi…

Notice the three candy bowls on the sideboard in the pic below? We were visited by about 175 trick-or-treaters and then had to turn off our lights at 7:45 because we were out of treats!

While the grandparents did candy duty, Erik and I took the little wildcat around to a few neighbors' houses. He picked up the technique of holding out his bag and was fairly reliable about saying ‘thank you’. But he never quite managed to deliver the ‘trick or treat’ line. Too much to distract him at the crucial moment! Maybe next year he’ll master that one. In the meantime, he’ll leave you with a ‘So Long, Cowboys!’

For more Halloween weekend pics, click here.

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