Friday, September 9, 2011

Backtrack to Denver

Only in dire circumstances do I drive on steep, windy, narrow mountian roads. So of course I saved a trip up the Mount Evans Scenic Byway for Erik’s day off from his Denver conference. He grew up in the mountains and is unfazed by a dizzying drop inches from our vehicle’s wheels. Unfortunately, Luke is neither a sure-steerer or a seat-gripper. He throws up on windy roads. But the DVD player seems to help.

After just one emergency stop, we made it to Summit Lake and piled out. This cascade of turquoise lakes was just a short walk from the parking lot. We tried to catch up to a mountain goat that we’d spied ahead but missed him. Those mountain goats know how to pick their real estate don’t they?

Then we walked back to Summit Lake and peered in its clear snowmelt waters.

Don’t fall in Luke! (of course he did)

We didn’t make it to the tip-top of the Byway. But Summit Lake, at nearly 13,000 feet high, is a destination in its own right. It was hard to believe that the pristine wilderness and chilly temps here were just an hour and a half drive from Denver!

We enjoyed a nice dinner in quaint Idaho Springs, at the base of the road up to Mount Evans. Luke admired their antique mining cars.

And he was smitten by their old steam locomotive.

He would have worked on revving it back up all night if the bedtime enforcers hadn’t torn him away.

Of course Ella-belle wanted to get out and show him how to drive it. But I kept her warm instead.

What a happy train-lover boy!

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