Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Festive weekend report

Last weekend was chock-full of Christmas cheer. On Saturday morning we attended a Santa party, our first event in our new neighborhood. It was fun and relaxed with cute activities and several families we know from our street and the local park. We don’t talk Santa up much, so we wondered what the kids would make of him. Eleanor panicked when I stepped away for the photo, and never did warm up to old St. Nick.

Luke, on the other hand, got very chatty when Santa asked what he wanted for Christmas. It’s reported that he requested a giant lit-up Christmas train like the one outside our neighbor’s house, among other things. I don’t think he realized that our Santa doesn’t stock giant lawn decorations…

Saturday evening, just before this bitter cold front blew in, we visited the River of Lights, a fantastic holiday light show at the botanic gardens. Surely seeing their grounds covered in glimmering decorations is sufficient fulfillment of Luke’s Santa wish?

It was our second visit (pics from our first trip here). What fun to see it with friends and our Ella-princess this time!

On Sunday we moved on to the edible side of Christmas festivities. We had a pancake brunch with my beloved Christmas pan, made scrumptious cookies with friends, and tried a little candy cane craft.

What perfect Christmas cheer spreaders to spend the season with!

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