Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Southern summer visit

Back at the beginning of the summer, the kids and I flew to North Carolina for an action-packed visit. Our eyes, now accustomed to a more muted New Mexican palette, popped at the riotously bold blooms and bright greens in Nika and Papi’s gardens.

There was music at the piano,

Puppy kisses,

Soccer lessons from Uncle Jack and Uncle Sam,

A weenie roast by the creek,

Splish splashing with Auntie C,

Blasting off in the spaceship tree house with Papi (a beloved game when Colleen and I were little too),

Secret chambers to explore,

Puddles to splash in,

And the museum of life & science and its tropical butterflies.

All novelties for us puppy-less, fire-restrictioned, far-from-family, desert-dwellers! Thanks for a terrific visit and we look forward to seeing Nika and Papi again soon!

{More pics here.}

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