Sunday, July 26, 2009

A first for Mom & Dad

Our first night out with a babysitter! Last night Erik and I went to a wonderful play while Luke stayed home with friends of ours. We had been out for an evening without him only once before when Erik's parents were in town; this was the first time with a non-family member taking care of him. We knew he was in very good hands and greatly enjoyed an evening without a diaper bag, car seat, and sometimes squirmy babe to cart around. We also appreciated being away from home just the two of us, a little encore of pre-Luke life. Upon returning we were glad to hear that the little guy had been on his best behavior. Our friends don't have children yet and so this was a little window into parenthood for them. Luke proved a stellar representative for the baby population!

Riding on the wave of such a successful evening, we left the little one in the church nursery this morning for the first time. He did pretty well for a while, but after a bottle he had some digestion issues which led to the need for a new outfit, which led to much trauma and crying over a clothing change. Lesson learned -- always leave the lad with a bib on so that if he spits up he doesn't necessarily need new clothes. And always dress him in easy-to-change outfits when we leave him! The poor little guy is not a fan of getting dressed.

Yesterday afternoon, minimal clothing was the goal as we took Luke for his first visit to the Albuquerque Zoo. It was toasty out, with the southwestern sun beating down and no arctic exhibits we could enter for refuge. Luke rose to the occasion and toughed it out by... falling fast asleep in his stroller. To keep him cool, we soaked a cloth in cold water and draped it on his head underneath his Yankee hat. Quite a fashion statement with his zoo-appropriate elephant shirt!

It has been a busy weekend for the little guy, so we decided that we wouldn't send him with his dad to yesterday morning's tiling workshop... but someday he'll make a great home repair assistant we hope! In the meantime we're checking out flooring options, motivated by the need to have something other than wall-to-wall carpeting underneath our only dining area. Today we're enjoying a quiet afternoon researching tile and laminate wood with the little boy, and we're also looking forward to our next opportunity for a baby-free night on the town!

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