Saturday, July 11, 2009

Water baby

For the first time Erik, Luke and I took a swim together! After a prematurely attempted departure we put Luke down for a nap since he didn't seem quite ready for the excitement of the pool. When he awoke, I found him avidly licking his arm. Clearly the foretaste of poolside -- sunscreened limbs -- was already a thrill.

The water felt wonderfully refreshing after a hot Albuquerque afternoon, but Luke didn't quite surrender to the relaxation of being towed back and forth by Dad. Mostly he looked a little uncertain and gazed alertly at the water lapping up against him and the people swimming around him.

But when Xinmei and Jingwen swam up to him, his face would burst into a big smile and he'd even laugh. We knew the girls and their parents in Princeton but hadn't seen them since they moved to Indiana two years ago. So when we bumped into them in the lobby of our church, we were delighted to hear that they're in Albuquerque for the summer!

Everyone enjoyed our first pool toy -- a baby float! It met all of Luke's lounging needs, gave him a safe space to splash, and a new surface to try to chew. Erik and I enjoyed the freedom to move our arms a little more freely. It was recommended for children age 9 mos-2 yrs, but Luke didn't seem to have any trouble filling it up!

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  1. What precious photos! I'm so glad you're blogging as well as posting photos and videos -- it's great to read about Luke's adventures! :)