Thursday, February 4, 2010

First big haircut!

Unfortunately, I must interrupt the stream of joyful posts to bring you some grim news... Luke's adorable locks have been chopped short! And the tale turns treacherous as the evil perpetrator for this crime was none other than Luke's very own Daddy.

To the left, please enjoy a pic of our beautiful Luke boy, pre-haircut.

Then check out the forlorn fellow below after the big chop! Yes, yes, his hair doesn't get in his eyes and constantly hold caked food that is smeared there during attempts to brush his hair aside (in order to better see his food). But this 'trim' took a turn for the extreme that I had a little trouble adjusting to.

With time, however, I've come to realize that Erik actually did a fairly admirable job considering Luke's lack of compliance with haircut protocol. And my pragmatic husband was motivated by the somewhat reasonable goal of avoiding frequent battles to keep a squirmy Luke still. So I've edged back from my 'you should never cut his hair again' stance to a simple vow to communicate the haircut parameters much better next time. And, really, he is still pretty charming, haircut or not (Erik and Luke that is, see below)!

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  1. It's startling how much he looks like a little boy now, rather than a baby... But he's still absolutely adorable! And I LOVE that last picture of Erik and Luke -- what a happy father-son moment!