Thursday, February 11, 2010

The little librarian

Luke 2-2010 081 blog“Why don’t you go get a book, Luke?” Two little legs plod over to the shelf and then bend as Luke carefully reaches down to select a favorite title. He raises it above his head and looks at us, as if to say ‘how about this one?’

“Bring it over here,” we coach him. He obeys and sits down beside us with a few excited bounces as we open to the first page.

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure why he likes reading so much. Is it just the colorful pictures and melodious sound of his parents’ voices? Doesn’t he see bright colors and hear our voices all day long with or without books? Perhaps a more likely motivation is the sense of control that books allow him – he chooses the title, turns the pages, and we almost never say no to reading a book.

To keep countless re-reads a little more interesting for myself, I set challenges – how fast can I list all the foods listed on the tummy ache page of Very Hungry Caterpillar? How consistently can I individualize each character’s voice in The Egg in the Hole Book? Can I memorize all the rhyming lines of On the Farm without confusing it with Fuzzy Chick? Can I avoid losing my sanity?? At this stage, Luke and I both find strange things to love about our cozy story time routine!

Luke 2-2010 080 blog Mom, I think you did the pig’s voice wrong.

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