Monday, April 12, 2010

Two quick trips

A few weeks ago Erik caught a plane to Portland for a giant physics conference while Auntie C, Luke, and I took a road trip to southern New Mexico. Check out the contrast in our 2 destinations:

White Sands with Colleen 3-10 022

Portland MMtg 2010 006pspIn levels of urbanization, moisture, SPF ratings, and pocket protector prevalence they hailed from opposite ends of the spectrum. I’d love to go back to southern New Mexico sometime, our scenic route through the Valley of Fires was gorgeous and hiking in White Sands National Monument felt like a shimmering dream of a distant land.

White Sands with Colleen 3-10 025 White Sands with Colleen 3-10 087 But while I love the year-round drama of the Southwest landscape, it just doesn’t do spring like other parts of the country. Erik’s pics of Portland abloom have me thinking that next year we should take a family trip to a moist clime where we can soak up some real springtime pageantry. Luke loves all things green and outdoors so we think he would enjoy it too. Grandma Nielsen has already started teaching Luke how to gently touch flowers. He complies pretty well when it comes to flowers but is much less inclined to touch Mommy’s hair gently!

Nielsens Visit 023Bits of ABQ springtime: Luke and his Grandma beneath the pear tree in our backyard

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