Friday, May 6, 2011

Two in the tub

Erik’s perspective: Finally, economies of scale are achieved -- two baths for the water usage of one! No matter that it’s more than double the disaster potential.

Luke’s perspective: Finally, someone for me to pour water on! Now to work out all my pent-up resentment over having my hair washed these past two years by pouring water on the baby.

Eleanor’s perspective: Finally, that water torture in the bathroom sink is over! Plus the Luke-channel is always on to entertain me in here.

Erik’s perspective: It adds a whole new dimension to bath time photo sessions too!

Luke’s perspective: Wait! You mean I can’t pour it on her head? How about this high? This high? This high?! Oh, Mom! Don’t take the cup away!

Eleanor’s perspective: Oh, I’m so sleepy after all that lounging in the suds. Definitely too sleepy to take my nighttime feeding. That’s okay, I’ll just wake up an extra time tonight to make sure I get it in.

My perspective? I get a little nervous about water getting in Eleanor’s ears (neither she nor Luke have had an ear infection and I want to keep it that way!), so I play umpire with Luke’s pouring vessels most of the time. Still, I just love to see our two munchkins ‘play’ together in the bath. The limited space and toys help Luke stay interested in his sister, so they have much of their best interaction in the tub. It thrills me to see them get tastes of the fun that comes from having a sibling to play with!

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  1. Y'all have such cuties! Lizette loves her bath and is just now trying to get used to the big tub! Eleanor's a little advanced in this department :)