Thursday, June 2, 2011

MIA in May

June already! What was it about May that left me with one measly post? Surely it wasn’t a lack of cute kiddo moments and new experiences. Maybe it was the yard work we’ve been doing, the long hours Erik has spent using my computer for work, or Ella’s fewer naps and Luke’s unreliable ones. Check out the anti-nappers in action.

There’s also been our typical lineup of entertaining to keep us busy, like this dinner with our small group last week.

Tomorrow night we’re having a dinner for our Sunday School class and expect a record-setting number (for our ABQ home) of guests to join us. We’ll see how our little 1400-square-foot ranch handles the crowd. I’m counting on nice weather, which in ABQ hinges on a lack of gusting wind since rain is a sort of fairy tale here. So the forecast that didn’t mention 30mph winds for tomorrow must be the accurate one, right?

May also held a house project that I’ll post on soon -- the kids’ room redo! Here’s a preview, the ‘before’ of the dresser I repainted.

Now Luke’s room is set up for both kids to sleep and store clothes with a fitting fusion of girl and boy décor. I still need to get the dresser handles right, but once I do I’ll write in with pics of the updated space. Now if getting them both to sleep in there was only so easy…

All these little excuses are to say that nothing too dramatic has pushed us out of blog-land. I hope to be back soon with lots of updates on this adorable pair!

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