Friday, June 3, 2011

Areas of smoke


Who knew that this symbol along with the tagline ‘areas smoke’ qualified as a weather forecast? Erik suggested that a man smoking a pipe might be a clearer symbol, but this is the picture and tagline that hang over Friday in the current NWS forecast for Albuquerque. Once I saw that the fires were in Arizona, the forecast struck me as mildly entertaining, a bored weatherman’s excuse for variety amidst our usual rotation of sunny, mostly sunny, and windy. But I just saw that the National Weather Service issued an air quality alert for Albuquerque, alongside a forecast for 46 mph wind gusts. I’m left uncertain of which to hope for. High winds to chase away the smoke that has settled over our fair city? Or would minor lung irritation be preferable to the risk of blowing debris from gale force winds?

Either way, it seems that the lovely outdoor party I’d envisioned for tomorrow may need to move indoors. We will be cozy with ~30 dinner guests in our little home!

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