Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fair winds and sweet teens

I’m so thankful to report that the weather smiled on our dinner last night. The wind cooperated by coming from the south (so our house shielded the backyard from most of it) and it blew away the smoke. We were able to all eat outside where there was plenty of room.

The other heroes of the evening were our friends’ teenaged children. If only they were at all our get-togethers! Observe the toddler violence that usually erupts once the adults are having a good conversation.

Yes, those are remnants of plants, found strewn across our yard. I think Luke started off trying to replant them for me and then his crazy streak took hold.

But last night, instead of looking up and seeing pulled up plants and other forms of toddler self-entertainment, I saw a well-organized, inclusive game of duck-duck-goose. And a sweet teen trying to find Luke’s misplaced shoe. And another responsible teen carrying him around pointing to crickets.

We even received helpful status reports, like the following:

Girl: Excuse me.

Erik: Yes?

Girl: Luke is drinking all our soda.

(other girl confirms)

Luke (with soda in hand): Eeeeeee!

Of course Luke is not yet allowed to have soda and I may have assured him at various points that it doesn’t taste very good for little boys and little girls. But last night seems to have reshaped his opinion on the matter.

We were too busy to take any photos of the event, but I can show you two of my recent Target purchases that made an appearance. First there are two strings of solar-powered globe lights that we hung in our desert willow.

They don’t show up so well in this daytime pic, but I love how we don’t have to turn them on or run wires to have lovely mood lighting in our side yard.

I also picked up these cute melamine plates for this and other outdoor dining occasions.

I love how bright and festive they are and hope they hold food for many a happy meal. Well, that’s it for my dinner detour. I’ll do my best to be back with at least a few of those promised May updates soon!

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