Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Luke the backhoe operator

When we moved the rest of our furniture in a few weeks ago Luke told Erik, “Thank you for making it the perfect house. It’s so pretty I can hardly even believe it!” Well, much of our boy’s boundless home enthusiasm is traceable to a certain star-crossed day in May. The previous owner agreed to put in a new septic system for us and slated the job for the morning of the house closing. We’d spoken with the contractor and he welcomed Erik to come see the system as it was getting put in the ground. So amidst the flurry of packing and closing arrangements, Erik and Luke drove up to Wild Oak, not sure if they’d catch the septic crew or not.

When they arrived, the crew was hard at work with the side yard all dug up. There were mounds of dirt everywhere, big trenches, and a shining yellow backhoe. During the lull while the crew waited for the inspector to arrive, Erik inspected the septic system while Luke climbed atop dirt piles, explored trenches, and marveled at the big machines. Once the inspector gave his okay, it was time to fill the trenches and cover the tank.

But before the backfilling began, Rafael asked Luke if he’d give him a hand with operating the backhoe. Luke was a little hesitant at first, but once he realized that the levers moved the hoe, he started pushing them back and forth with gusto!

Judging by the jerky swinging of the hoe Luke could use a little more practice, something the foreman noticed while he was talking with Erik. He suddenly called out, “Watch out for the gas line!” Rafael had things under control though, and Luke’s time at the wheel was free from disasters of any kind.

What better moving enthusiasm boost could there be for a three-year-old vehicle-loving boy!?!

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