Monday, July 2, 2012

Luke the bedtime singer

Luke’s bedtime can bring trying power struggles, outlandish childhood fears, and priceless memories. Luke asks a string of questions each night as Erik sings him a few hymns before bed, such as “what inheritance mean?”, “why Jesus fight?”, and “where Jesus?” It’s a precious time to talk to Luke about these things and let him think them through for himself. Luke’s longstanding favorite song is Be Thou My Vision, and he sings it so adorably. A more recent popular request is the old hymn What Wondrous Love in its restful minor key. Tonight a new favorite arose, for Luke and his parents.

Luke: “My song about sinking down, Jesus save us – but different from song you sing Daddy.”

Luke sings: “Jesus died on cross for our sins and I was sinking down and Jesus save us… [pause]… from bumblebees… with big stingers… so we no need to be afraid.”

Luke: “Daddy you know that song?”

Erik: “No, Luke, I don’t know that one. But it’s a very nice song.”

Luke: “Yeah. That my favorite song.”

We love your songs too, Luke!

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