Tuesday, June 26, 2012

March merriment

Presenting Luke and Eleanor in their (former) natural habitat! In no particular order, here are some of my favorite memories from March in our old house. There were so many cute March pics when I uploaded them last weekend that I have to share a couple here.

- Blanket nests and a new car seat box.

- After a hot walk home from the playground on a particularly warm spring day, we made smoothies. It seems Eleanor thought this was a combination snack and body painting activity…

- Color mixing with water, food coloring, an ice tray, and a medicine dropper was a big hit. What pretty colors Luke mixed up! I was amazed, especially for a boy who loves to swirl his water colors into a dreary brown.

- Luke’s truck deposited rocks on the words that I called out. He did great with this and there are so many terrific beginning reading games out there. Maybe Nika will make Luke a little flashcard book like I remember her using to teach Luke’s uncles to read!

- A little Carolina fan donned her March Madness gear and had to accessorize. What a girlie-girl she is!

- Garbage truck deliveries in the middle of the living room. This game (and its variants) is a long-standing favorite of Luke’s but not of Mommy’s! He loves to gather items from all over the house and heap them on his truck, which is also known as a couch, someone’s bed, or the middle of the floor. Then we drive to all sorts of places (most often Grandma & Grandpa or Nika & Papi’s houses) and unload and reload our truckload. He relishes this game so, and loves for me to play it with him, I just need to find a way to work in my organizational tasks so it doesn’t drive me quite so crazy. As it is, it feels like I’m picking up, but instead of leaving things more organized they just end up more jumbled!

- Playdough creations outside on a chilly morning. We’ve since been on a homemade playdough kick, with this jello playdough recipe.

- Helping Daddy with yard work. Oh how we all love that wolf hat! But I don’t think it will fit this winter, sigh!

- And it wouldn’t be spring without some photo shoots at the Gardens!

Thanks for backtracking to March with us! More March pics here, and hopefully I’ll be back soon with real-time updates. Tonight we took a walk around our new neighborhood, with our eyes peeled for wildlife. Luke had a piece of paper and a hole punch so he could record each bunny sighting. We filled the paper with bunny punches and also saw three deer crossing the road! Eleanor laughed and pointed with delight and Luke was sure they were looking for their baby ‘deers’. I’m thinking of printing our own punch card with pics of different local wildlife so that Luke and Eleanor can learn to identify animals and stay entertained. Anything to get them in the stroller for a relaxing after dinner walk! 

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  1. Oh! I remember the garbage truck game with my oldest! And I remember how much work it was for me! With my girls, it is now packing all the random stuff in bags and packs, going on some sort of excursion and then we have the same disorganization!