Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tough week in March

I wrote this post months ago, but then I hit my blogging hiatus and it got stuck in my drafts folder. So I thought I’d post it now, better late than never, right?


What a week we’ve had! Luke started it off with his first ear infection, which kept him in this state for longer than I’ve seen before.

Antibiotics did the trick, but not before this happened.

As I was sneaking in at 4 am to pull his blankets back on, he started to stir. Not wanting to be seen, I dashed for the door. But the camping tent that had been a playtime hit twelve hours earlier tangled with my toes and brought me falling down. My sleepy haze didn’t make for a graceful landing.

Thankfully, I just broke a small bone in my foot and I might only have to wear the boot for two weeks, no more than four probably. And it hardly hurts now, the boot just makes sitting and kneeling on the floor with L & E a little awkward. Erik thought we better take a photo highlighting my new footwear with a portrait pose.

Poor Eleanor joined the mayhem by catching Luke’s RSV virus and running a scary fever for three days. It was so persistent that we were dosing her with acetaminophen and ibuprofen concurrently to keep it at safe level. Finally the fever broke and she just has a little congestion that’s still clearing.

With one injury, two illnesses, and some big work deadlines for Erik, we watched more kids TV on Netflix than I care to admit. Of course there was Curious George for Luke, and Ella has developed a favorite too. Fish! as she calls it with its fun Bible songs and underwater scenes. We also watched Classical Baby, which I recommend for its varied music and artistic animation, and other soothing selections to lull L and E to sleep on the couch.

As the week progressed our house became more and more of a disaster. Erik described it this way: “If a team of burglars wanted to rob us, the first one would enter and turn around to leave saying, “Guys, we’re too late. The place has already been hit.”

Hopefully today we get the upper hand on the clutter and the laundry, though Eleanor seems to have come down with yet another sickness last night. A stomach bug of course!

But our everyday woes of the week paled next to the news we received on Monday night. Erik’s grandmother, who everyone calls Yaya (Greek for grandma), passed away. We will dearly miss how she delighted in her great-grandchildren, the merry twinkle in her eye, the thoughtful crafty gifts she made, her partiality to all things Grecian, and her love for her family. We miss you Yaya!


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  2. But how rough. I see most of this was back in March...I hope your health has been restored? We'll be praying for y'all for comfort with Yaya.