Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The casa campaign

I know Luke and Eleanor have at least a couple adoring fans who have missed their stardom on this blog these past few months. I’m sorry to have been such a poor publicist! We’re slowly restoring equilibrium after an in-town move. It sounds so fun and simple – find a pretty house, load up a uhaul, and put our old house on the market. Well, maybe that doesn’t sound super simple, but it doesn’t sound like an almost year-long, all-consuming task! But I can report, that at least in our case, it has taken far more time and focus than I’d ever envisioned. Some of that is due to the fact that we pursued several distressed properties which are more complicated to buy, much of it is due to our general indecisiveness and need to research everything, and then there’s the challenge of our in-house troublemakers. Maybe I’ll post some of our house-buying adventure over the next few weeks, but in the meantime I thought I’d write up a few recent Luke and Eleanor quotes before they slip out of the mushiness of my still-not-completely-moved-in-and-can’t-find-anything mind. Interspersed you’ll find some pics I snapped on a rare rainy afternoon at our new house. Meet the raincoat troupe of ‘Wild Oak’!

Me: Is she all wet? Luke, why is Eleanor all wet?

Luke: Now I playing FIREMAN!!

{In the tub}

Luke: I a water lion.

Eleanor: Rrrraaawwwhhhh!!!!

{Luke greeted me with, “Good morning honey!” one morning, then later that day he said…}

Luke: You know why I call you honey?

Me: No, why do you call me honey?

Luke: I call you honey because you so sweet to me!

Luke’s favorite pool activity is skimming: bugs for closer examination (ew!) and flowers to give to his mommy (aw!).

Me: Luke, what’s that truck on your shirt called? {Labeled a combat tank.}

Luke: A street sweeper!

{Sometimes, lying in bed at night, Luke nervously considers scary animals and wants to discuss them with me.}

Luke: Coyotes have big eyes, big ears, and big teeth. {Pause.} Reindeers no have big teeth. And horses. {Pause.} They just have tongues.

{The next morning}

Luke: I love my new house.

Me: What do you love about it?

Luke: It protects me from bears and lions!

The dreamy view from our back door. No bears or lions in sight!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I had no idea you found a place and already moved! Is that a regular swimming pool? Congratulations to you! And I know how hard it is to move with little ones!