Thursday, August 30, 2012

Easter time capsule

There’s still so much summer fun to recap here and the evenings are already cooling toward fall! Since I’m not sure where to pick up our summer review, why not revisit early spring with some precious pics from Easter?

The day before Easter, we enjoyed a mega-hunt with playgroup friends at the park.

Eleanor found her very first Easter eggs!

Thanks to Luke’s prior egg-hunt experience, he finished the hunt with a basket much fuller than his sister’s. Then he warmed our hearts by sharing several of his nicest eggs, including the extra-large one that he’d been most excited to find!

Mr. E. Bunny himself made an appearance at the hunt. It took all my cajoling powers to inch Luke and Eleanor close enough to receive some of his treats.

We left with two happy egg-hunters (and don’t you love their matching buckets?!).

Unrelated to their candy loot, the kids came down with a stomach bug on Saturday evening so only Erik made it to church for Easter. We brightened our quarantine with fancy dishes, a first for Luke perhaps, that added some pretty to our BRAT diet Easter breakfast.

It would take more than sickness to keep me from pulling out our bunny namecard holders…

Or forgo another egg hunt in the backyard. By the afternoon I decided that the worst of the sickness must be over and dressed the munchkins in their Easter finest. I hoped it would distract from their somewhat grumpy moods, at least in the photos. Smile

Ella just wanted to play with her eggs.

And Luke was excited to hunt.

While a pesky sickness wasn’t part of the Easter I’d envisioned, we still were able to read the Easter story together and enjoy collecting (but no eating!) some Easter goodies. Here’s hoping we’re all healthy next year!

{More Easter pics here.}

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