Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bringing autumn indoors

When we first moved to New Mexico, I was underwhelmed by her seasons. The dry climate seemed to mute the annual display of leaves and blooms, and many of the plants that I associated with seasonal color don’t grow well here. But as the years have passed I’ve become attuned to the splendor of our native plants and the local traditions that mark the seasons. Hot air balloons dotting the skylines, chiles roasting in front of every grocery store, and bands of bright yellow aspens on the mountaintops all mean autumn to me now. This year, the mounded yellow masses of wild chamisa that surround our house have been magnificent, and doting Luke has picked many a stem for me. I displayed a few of those sweetly given yellow blooms inside for our autumn mantle.

My beloved crabapple tree in our backyard has been a glorious masterpiece of orange and yellow leaves and deep red berries.

The perfect backdrop for my little artists’ glittery pumpkins. They’re still cute even though most of the paint has flaked off, thanks to curious hands.

Inside their aquatic themed costumes are foreshadowed on the dining buffet along with grandparents’ sweet Halloween cards.

More autumn d├ęcor near the entry.

And a painted pumpkin craft in the front window. I just love how these wooden ones turned out with liquid watercolors!

In case you’re bemoaning the lack of kid pics here, you can check out an autumn decorating video featuring our little pumpkin pair here!

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