Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Preschool party

Luke and Eleanor had so much fun at the Fall Festival at Luke’s preschool. The biggest hit may have been the box maze. They raced through the twisting tunnel of boxes with sparse lighting countless times. But it was in the dim courtyard and came at the end of the evening, so no maze pics here. Most of the evening was spent on various throwing games. They led us to discover that we could work with Luke a little to improve his accuracy before next year’s fall festival, but the ‘prizes’ were awarded indiscriminately at each station so no heartache was caused by our less than stellar throwing skills.

He did nail a few shots given close range advantage and some sisterly encouragement.

We also made masks,

And sticker quantity was of course valued over visibility concerns.

There was a book walk and this was where we received my favorite prizes! Here I’m coaching the kiddos to ‘stop!' as the music pauses.

Eleanor was aglow with joy at being included in so much fun and excitement at her big brother’s school. Since then, it’s been even more difficult for her to say goodbye to Luke on school mornings, and I’m looking forward to when she can join the 2’s class next fall!

{More Halloween pics here.}

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