Friday, July 11, 2014

One last day in Spain

There’s so much to see in Andalucia that we could have easily spent our last day exploring Malaga, spelunking through sea caves, or returning to Granada. But the guidebook’s review of Sevilla was so enthralling that we decided to make the longer drive to and from this historic city. Also, I was pretty sick with a bronchitis type bug, so Erik enjoyed the scenic countryside while I napped. When we arrived, we instantly fell in love with the city’s easy-going grandeur and soaked in a few of its most renowned destinations.

We started out at the Alcázar, another royal palace with Moorish roots followed by Christian renovations. Like the Alhambra, it was constructed around serene courtyards, stunning tile work, water features, and gracious gardens.


The massive Cathedral of St. Mary was our next stop.

Its gargantuan proportions reduced us tourists to tiny ants along the floor.

I could have sat in its charming orange grove courtyard all afternoon (plus I had a fever) and the tower views were spectacular!

Then we meandered through the university to the lovely Plaza de España. Despite its grand expanse, it welcomed us with a relaxed family atmosphere as kids played and paddle boats plodded by.

Then we walked along the river, enjoyed a peaceful dinner,

Had a déjà vu sculpture moment, and suddenly it was time to drive back to Malaga for our flight home.

There was still so much to see, but truly, the treasures of Andalucia could never compete with these two little wonders. What a joy to return home to their sweetness! And what fun it would be to bring them along to explore more of Spain one day.

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