Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Snapshots of L & E

It’s been far too long since I’ve updated this blog but maybe, just maybe, a string of updates is on its way. Why not start with some current tidbits on our fierce knight and regal princess, spotted here at a Renaissance Faire.


Favorite book: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Favorite food: Luke’s a pretty pleasant eater. Often he tells me it’s whatever I’m serving for dinner. Such a sweet-talker!

Learning milestones: His reading is leaping forward these days and he’s much more confident breezing through easy beginner readers. Math remains his forte though, with double-digit addition and multiplication being his favorite challenges right now. He also just learned to swim from one end of the pool to the other, hurray!

Signature statement: He likes to put both thumbs up to answer yes to questions.

Most amusing negative behavior: He can take chivalry a little too far. So if we’re out and I really want him to eat a snack to counteract looming grumpy fits, he’ll resist me insisting that Eleanor and I share the food while he goes without. I appreciate the generous sentiment, but of course eating the snack would align better with my meltdown avoidance agenda!

Typical prayer:  “Thank you for everything in the world. Thank you for Grandma & Grandpa, Nika & Papi, Mommy, Daddy & Eleanor, the Chans, the Hamburgers, the Headleys, the Lavins, Aunts & Uncles, animals….” This goes on for quite a while.

Other favorites: Making books and gifts, putting on circuses and shops, bikes and BMX, Legos.

Luke thrives on achievement and exceeding goals. It’s exciting to see him soar!


Favorite book: Limu the Blue Turtle. What else would you expect from Eleanor the Pink & Purple Turtle?

Favorite food: Cheese and Macaroni & Cheese

Learning milestones: She’s doing much better these days with writing her letters. Probably because I finally figured out that she’s a lefty! Several months ago she started riding her pedal bike without training wheels and now she can make it all the way around our 2-mile loop with only a couple pushes from Daddy to help her up the really steep hills. She loves to zoom and keep up with Luke!

Signature statement: “Awk, eek!” followed by turtle kisses for her mommy turtle. She’s always loved to imitate animal noises and has created her own for the strangely silent turtle species.

Most amusing negative behavior: She’s still stuck on hyperbole when feeling displeased with the state of things. “Can I get you something, Eleanor?” Her reply: “Nothing! Never!”

Typical prayer: “Dear Jesus, I love you and trust you. Amen.”

Other favorites: baths, blankets, friends, gymnastics, and swimming.

Eleanor loves to help and lights up and rushes in when I invite her to join me in an activity. She’s always looking to have fun, be silly, and is still delighted to be our baby and cuddle in her mommy turtle’s arms. She impresses us with her sensitivity to Luke on many things, playing a bit of a gentle mommy role sometimes and keeping the peace. Still, she’s far from a pushover when something comes up that she feels strongly about. The other day she rushed in from outside, fuming and indignant, to proclaim, “Luke say he marry me but he CAN’T!! Because he not a PRINCE!!!” Some things just aren’t open to compromise.

In other news, these two won’t have first dibs on the stroller seat indefinitely…


We’ll welcome another one-of-a-kind Nielsen to our family this fall, a baby boy due in November! The kids are so eager to meet him that they ask me daily how many more weeks until he’s here. Luke gives me discounts at “Terrific Ice Cream” his make-believe creamery in our back yard because of the baby in my tummy (meaning that I pay 1 cent for a cone and Erik pays $300. If only I could get that type of treatment to catch on more widely!). Eleanor can’t wait to help take care of the baby, especially now that she’s gotten over her initial disappointment that he isn’t a she. Erik and I love to hear them ask about “our baby” and think this little boy will be a lucky kiddo indeed to have the two of them for siblings!

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  1. Congratulations Erin! Love your big kid updates and can't wait to see pictures of the newest addition!