Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hello, blog! + spring pics

Well it certainly has been a while since this blog has seen some updates! I’ll just jump back in with some favorite spring pics, taken under the riotous blooms of the crabapple tree that sold me on this house three years ago. We have sibling love,

A silly princess,

A thoughtful knight,

AND…. the newest angel-babe! It’s Levi, now six months old and much overdue for an official introduction of his own. Here he is at four months, climbing trees and picking flowers for mom. Such a cuddle bug!

In addition to more timely family updates, I’d love to write here with reports on our home schooling adventures. We just finished Luke’s kindergarten year and have been trying out a number of approaches for learning together. One focus has been poetry, so here’s a poem from our porch chalkboard. My ode to the pink tree that ushers in spring at Wild Oak!

spring poem

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  1. Oh! Your photos are so beautiful. And I love the poem!