Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Levi’s arrival

On the morning of my 34th birthday we headed to the hospital for our labor induction appointment. Our previous two delivery arrivals had been punctuated by contractions and preoccupied with timing intervals. This time all was peaceful. My parents were in town, our kids were safely in their care and I half wondered if this was some sort of rare date with my husband. Without two kiddos to corral, there was plenty of time to appreciate the mild November morning that beckoned for a stroll, a few last leaves still green on the trees, even the traffic seemed quiet and harmonious. They quickly assigned us to a delivery room but it wasn’t until the afternoon that they started the induction. In those strange waiting hours, my eyes were always drawn to the empty bassinet, knowing that before they let me leave this room, I’d have to produce a baby in it. An impossibly brazen exit requirement! But I was certainly ready to meet our sweet babe, and what a euphoric introduction it was at 6:48 that evening. When the midwife placed Levi on my chest he opened his inky blue eyes and gazed, not inquisitively but with a serene warmth as if we’d known each other a long time already. It melted away the intensity of the moments freshly past. Could he be thanking me?

Soothing my concerns with his sweet calm for almost an hour, then eating well and falling into a peaceful sleep. Our little Levi, an angel babe for sure.

Levi means "joined in harmony". We named him praying that he will be joined harmoniously to the close friendship of his siblings, to us his parents, and to the Lord. His middle name (also Erik’s middle name), Gregory, means "watchful and alert" which suits his alert gaze and our great God’s watchful care over his arrival. The most precious birthday bundle.

This peaceful soul was unfazed by the giddy big sibling excitement when we brought him home too. Luke the proud big brother,

And Eleanor the marveling big sis.

Levi you have our hearts, precious boy!

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  1. Beautiful! I love your careful choosing of names!