Thursday, March 4, 2010

From the office to the lair and back again

Luke 2-2010 120 blogNow that Luke can confidently walk around the house on his own, he has claimed a few spaces for himself. He delights in small nooks – partly for the thrill of climbing back into them and partly for the seclusion they provide. In the living room, we’ve named a windowsill behind the entertainment center Luke’s office. He often commutes back there with a toy or other item to bang on the sill and leave for later. On the other side of the room is a bit of empty space in a corner bordered by two bookcases. He loves to climb back there and play peekaboo or hide when we play chase. It’s been dubbed Luke’s lair (see left).

He has also discovered the hideout potential behind doors. This morning when Erik followed the L-man  into our bathroom, he found Luke triumphantly clutching the face soap pump dispenser. Once Luke saw Erik headed his way, he made a beeline to the door and wedged himself behind it, clearly hoping to evade soap confiscation. It’s so fun to see the little guy explore his world and repurpose pieces of it for play!

Luke 2-2010 099 b

Commuting in to the office

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