Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring brings projects & bunnies

Erik and I have enjoyed some mundane yet satisfying projects these past few weekends. Below you’ll see the before and after pictures of our guest room closet after last weekend’s closet campaign. I love the wire shelves and plastic bins we bought at Costco and would highly recommend them to anyone else with spring cleaning fever, but the yellow post-it notes I added as labels weren’t such a good idea. Guess what Luke’s little hands grabbed first when he saw the closet!

After a winter of mangy looking bushes in our backyard, we finally pruned our roses and other shrubs back so they’re all ready for summer blooms. With the mega-thorns that these guys boast, this was definitely an activity for Luke’s naptime! We also recently engaged in a mini round of one of my favorite past times – moving pictures and other items around our house in the continual quest for optimal placement. And we drew up plans for a terrific shoe-storing entry bench that Erik plans to build. We so enjoy little home improvement projects and love that they fit well into naptime time blocks.

In Luke news, he recently treated us to a toddler rite of passage. Erik walked into the bathroom, opened the toilet lid, and found this:

Face down in the toilet was Luke’s sweet bunny basket! Of course he called me in and I instantly realized that earlier that day when I’d followed Luke into the bathroom, the clunk I’d heard wasn’t a failed attempt to open the toilet lid, but the closing of it after a hasty bunny dunk. Would this qualify as a bunny bidet??

I wonder if the Easter bunny will pay a visit to the little guy now…

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  1. I love the "continual quest for optimal placement". That's me, too. Arch loves it when I'm unpregnant so I can move the furniture myself. :) Love ya'll!