Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Luke the kayaker

Pagosa Springs 6-2010 118In May we envisioned quiet summer weekends awaiting us for the month of June, a slow start to a mostly low-key summer. However as it turned out, we’ve enjoyed three trips this month, all filled with lovely sights, fun time with friends, and relaxing togetherness for our family of three. First we joined in on a last-minute trip to Pagosa Springs in southern Colorado with some ABQ friends. They daringly asked us to join them for their four-night stay at a 3-bedroom suite after having known us for only a few weeks! We hoped that none of our idiosyncrasies would cause them to regret that invitation, but eagerly agreed to come along anyway. We were glad we did as it proved to be a wonderful time, growing our friendship with this fun couple and their three sweet girls. We also loved the charming town of Pagosa Springs:Pagosa Springs 6-2010 064 blogPagosa Springs 6-2010 089 blog

its woodsy environs: Pagosa Springs 6-2010 168

the rushing rivers:Pagosa Springs 6-2010 152

and unique hot springs: Pagosa Springs 6-2010 096

Erik even got to do a little kayaking with Justin, and Luke loved checking out their gear! Pagosa Springs 6-2010 053psp

I’d intended to write about all three of our trips in this post, but maybe that was a little too ambitious and our pictures are just a little too numerous. So hopefully I’ll be back soon with a post on our trip to Santa Barbara (CA) and our campout in the Jemez Mountains (NM). In the meantime I better go play with my attention-hungry little jet-setter!

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