Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Luke the surfer baby

Santa Barbara 6-2010 022 blog

When Erik was asked on a Monday to attend a conference that Thursday in Santa Barbara, we were thrilled to be able to find a reasonably priced ticket so that Luke and I could tag along. The accommodations turned out to be perfect for us – the 2-room suite allowed Erik and me to enjoy pleasant evenings together rather than whispering in the bathroom to keep from waking our sleeping beauty. The grounds were lush and full of sticks and flowers for Luke to enjoy. And our little fish splished and splashed in the hotel pool and the public beach down the street. We have a video from the second time he went in the ocean on the trip, but I wish we had captured the first time we went in with him that trip. He was just overcome with delight and his happy squeals and gleeful giggles were contagious, even just after being knocked down by chilly waves. Santa Barbara 6-2010 001 The weather was refreshingly cool after the ABQ heat wave, and we even got to dress Luke in the adorable sweater his great-grandmother made for him.  Santa Barbara 6-2010 044 blogMore pics and some videos can be found here, and we’ll leave you with a photo of our tired little surfer baby…

Santa Barbara 6-2010 006 blog

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