Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend notes

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1. Erik is amazingly talented! Yes, I knew this already, but it’s always fun to have new revelations of his terrific skills. In almost a single day he constructed a gorgeous headboard and wooden bed frame! We’ll post pics of his handiwork soon…

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2. Washing machines are not loyal. Despite the constancy with which I used and loved our old machine, it failed me in my hour of need! Luke had a horrifically messy stomach bug this weekend, and just when I’d loaded a pile of his icky laundry, our machine ceased to spin properly and began to emit strange rattling noises! Thanks to Craig’s List we were able to quickly replace the dated laundry machines that same day. Hopefully the new-to-us machines will last much longer, or at least not abandon me with a sick child and a favorite blanket in the biohazard bin!

Luke 5-2010 282 blog

3. Luke is a fish! When we set out his new plastic baby pool the little bath bum immediately stepped in. Despite the chilly hose water, he wasn’t content to just splash with his hands, wade around, and try to turn the hose nozzle back on. To our surprise, right after stepping into the pool he bent down to plunge his face into the water! We couldn’t help laughing when he came up spluttering and surprised. But then he really showed us his brazen agua affinity by plunging his face in again! While I can’t completely understand his desire to be wet and chilled with no towel for face wiping in sight, I must admit that I was proud of his bravery and ardent explorer attitude. So far, a $6 pool seems to be Luke’s idea of paradise and Erik and I can’t help but catch his contagious delight. We all look forward to more ‘poolside’ fun in the future, until then you can check out our video of Luke the fish!

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  1. I love the photos! Talia and I very much enjoyed our little inflatable pool (yes, both of us) which caused a good deal of interest for people walking down the street in Leiden. We're going to join the university pool later this week and let's hope that Talia is as adventurous as Luke!