Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Holding babies: a cautionary tale by Luke

Well, it seems that even though I can run at toddler-warp-speed, my baby sister has already beat me on something! How come she got to write her own blog post before me? Shouldn’t she have been excluded by some sort of age restriction?!

So, I’ve decided to level the playing field with a post of my own. I know there are some toddlers out there with baby siblings on the way who must be wondering what it’s like to hold a newborn. Read on for the big bro straight scoop by Luke! Okay, this is the position to shoot for. Don’t be too concerned about the baby, they’re used to being contorted in all sorts of strange positions in the womb so really any position is fine for them. Just be sure that your hands are free – you’ll need those later. And a seat with good lumbar support is nice too.

Then take a moment to appreciate how small and sweet your sibling is. I hear that before you know it they can pursue and chew your toys, so this stage should be savored.

Now you’ve done enough savoring. You want to go play with those toys before your sibling starts crawling toward them! Raise your hands to flag down your closest attendant.

What, no service?! Amp up the waving and add a few whines. That should draw some attention.

Now give that baby a parting smooch. The paparazzi love that shot and it’s been shown to improve your odds of getting dessert.

Whew, this baby-holding can wear a person out! Good thing we toddlers are so low-maintenance. Okay, gotta go – it’s about time Dad gave me another horsie-ride and Mom needs to make more play-dough fire trucks… catch you later!

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