Friday, January 28, 2011

One month old!

Our little Eleanor turns one month old today! Already it’s hard to imagine our family without her sweet, cuddly self. As she grows and changes so quickly in these early months, I thought I’d write a little snapshot of her now.

Her likes/dislikes

Eleanor loves her carseat! We strap her in and cover the seat with its pink cover and it sends her into dreamland for hours on end. She also loves to be held and carried around. She does not enjoy being cold, making baths and diaper/clothing changes low on her list.

She isn’t especially fond of being swaddled either. Swaddling seems to help her sleep by preventing her from inadvertently swatting her face with her hands, but she does her best to wiggle her arms out and then spends several minutes stretching and arching her head back when she is finally freed.

Our favorite Eleanor moments

Smiles! She’s had a number of smiles that seem to be a response to our interaction with her. Of course it’s hard to be certain of their origin, but nonetheless we melt for each precious one. We also love to hold her and the sweet way she seems most content when cuddled close after being fed.

Sibling report

Eleanor remains peaceful amidst Luke’s boisterous play, even when it comes alarmingly close to her head (fortunately no injuries yet). Luke errs in the opposite direction, still a little spooked by her mild squawks and cries. But when she’s content he loves to give her kisses and check up on her. Sometimes his desire to ‘help’ by giving her the pacifier makes my heart race -- I need to find safer ways for him to enjoy helping!

Our routine

Almost immediately we established a great nighttime routine with Eleanor . We wake her up to eat one last time around 11 just before we go to bed. Then I feed her around 3 am (and usually help Luke settle down around then too since Eleanor’s slight sounds seem to rouse him) and Erik kindly gets up for the ~6 am feeding before starting work. This past week though, several times she’s eaten around 4 am and then slept in until 7 or later which has been terrific!

I sometimes feel a little guilty because Luke takes most of my attention when he’s awake, but Eleanor and I enjoy some precious snuggle time during Luke’s nap and Erik and I love to dote on her when Luke goes down for the night.

This month’s milestones

Lots of firsts already! First smiles; first trips to the zoo/aquarium/botanic gardens; and first mini hike at Tent Rocks National Monument. Hopefully we plan a little better for her second hike though… Eleanor stayed warm snuggled in the moby wrap, but the rest of us lacked sufficient layers for the chilly winds. Luke wouldn’t admit he was cold because he was so enthralled by all the big rocks, but his red nose and goosebumps wouldn’t deny it! Eleanor must know that it’s in her interest to toughen up fast and has filled out some these last few weeks. She already feels a little heftier to hold and seems stronger and more coordinated. We’re so thankful for the smooth transition into the world you’ve had, sweet girl!

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