Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow day

Before I moved to Albuquerque my standards for ‘windy’ were much milder. But even based on my new metric, the wind outside is fierce tonight. We got our share of today’s mega-snowstorm, as my kitchen window verifies:

If you look closely, you can see that even at 1 pm the outdoor temp is reading 14 degrees, and there is a fine layer of SNOW that has blown inside! BRRR, as Luke likes to say these days! You’ll also notice that the indoor temp is 52 degrees. That’s why everyone brings extra layers when they come to visit us! But don’t worry, we turn up the heat for guests (:

The biggest up-side to the snow was that Erik only had to work a partial day. It was wonderful to have him home with us mid-week and perhaps even more wonderful to watch him play with Luke in the snow through the window instead of needing to be out there with the snow-bear myself!

Tomorrow, the high is 14 but Erik has an important meeting at work so no more hooky for him. If only Luke were as deterred by the frigid temps as I am! I’m sure that when he wakes up he’ll immediately find his boots and bring them to me saying ‘outside’ just like he did today. What a crazy guy, he even eats the snow!

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