Monday, February 14, 2011

Neighborhood ‘triathlon’ with Luke

Come along with us for Luke’s typical three-event adventures in our neighborhood! First up is a walk across the arroyo, enjoying the expansive views of the protected open space south of the city. We keep our eyes peeled for wildlife and once we spotted a tarantula on the sidewalk! Our neighbor tops that tale though. On an evening walk on this stretch, he heard what sounded like a sprinkler starting up. So he leaned down to inspect it and found himself face-to-face with the real source of the sound, a rattlesnake! But much more typical is a tumbleweed sighting, like this pair from our walk last weekend: 

Next comes a triathlon mainstay, bike riding. Luke always asks for his dad to ride with him, and I love to watch my two Lances outside together!

Truck-chasing, Luke’s third event, is much less standard for triathlons. But when you’re jogging after the garbage truck as it makes the neighborhood rounds, it almost counts! This week we’ve had easy pickings with front row seats for all sorts of fantastic trucks at a road repair site around the corner.

We’ll be sad to see that job completed, but other friendly trucks come through often so our triathlon training will continue unhindered. And come summer, there’s always the kiddie pool for cross-training!

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  1. Erik!--set a good example for your son and daughter and wear a helmet! :)