Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Home is where the HEART is

With all this cold weather and a new baby, we’ve been spending a lot of time at home. All this houseboundness inspired me to liven up our abode with a little red and pink decorating. Of course Erik, Luke and Eleanor aren’t the most appreciative audience for my efforts, so I capitalized on my decorating impulse by hosting a little Valentine’s brunch for some friends.

I brought out the felt heart garland I made last year and sewed two more to match. I adored hearts as a little girl and haven’t outgrown my partiality to them yet!

Beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers from Erik were the perfect centerpiece. He really spoiled me with blooms this year!

Of course I love an excuse to use pretty glasses and linens too.

I didn’t want the living room to feel left out, so I printed a V-Day poster, popped it in a frame, and hung it over the mantle.

Up next is Luke’s second birthday this Saturday. I still haven’t decided whether I should take the hearts down for his celebration or leave some of them up. Auntie C is coming to visit and we can’t wait to have a little family party with her!

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