Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Luke turns two!

Our sweet boy traded up to two and added a very grown-up ‘s’ to the word ‘year’ in his age. For weeks we had prepped him for the big day so that when asked how old he is, he would reply TWO, at least most of the time. About a third of the time he says three, which seems to be his favorite number because when you ask him the quantity of any item, it’s usually three.

Auntie C came to town to help us celebrate and we all started out the big day with a trip to the zoo. Luke had only been on the zoo train once before so it seemed a fittingly special birthday treat.

Of course, riding anything without sitting in a car seat is novel for Luke, but the train that he had waved to enthusiastically on so many zoo visits was particularly exciting.

He liked the animals too, but just like last time it was hard for them to compete with the thrill of climbing on the rocks with Daddy while I fed Eleanor.

Then we came home to bake a cake while Luke napped, and of course the birthday boy got to have a few samples when he woke up.

I think it passed the taste test, do you?

We decorated a bit

and even the littlest family member put on a party dress. I think she may have thought the hat was a little much though.

Then Luke blew the cake candles – he didn’t quite manage to blow them out  but Erik did document the blowing! (Plus we have videos of our whole bday evening here. Watching them, it strikes me that the adults seem to have a lot more fun with the cake routine than either of our children!)

We love you so much sweet one, what a wonderful year we’ve had with you. We’ve seen you develop your first passion (vehicles, especially trucks), begin to play imaginatively (so much more fun for Mommy than just stacking blocks!), show tender compassion (for your little sis when she cries), and pick up countless new skills. You admirably transitioned from our baby to the big brother, and your exuberant personality fills our home with activity, noise, and great joy!

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