Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A sick buckaroo

It seems there’s some sort of fever + coughing bug that has taken up residence in our home. This morning, just as I was getting over it, Luke woke up with a fever. Our little boy has had two fevers while we were away, but this was his first real fever at home. And I think it was the first time that he’s done this:

I had just taken his temperature (102.6) but I didn’t really need to. Putting his head down on his high chair must be at least as reliable at revealing fevers as a thermometer.

And please don’t judge me for his lunch. Yes, he is eating a chocolate chocolate chip muffin top, plums, and two types of juice, but at least it was a VITA-muffin, 100% whole grain! And who wants to say no to a whiny, sick two-year-old?

Soon after that pic was snapped, Luke pointed to his head and said ‘hurts’. Then he said ‘little boom’ because we call falls booms in our house. He was likening the pain in his head to a small head injury. A moment later he reconsidered and said ‘big boom’!

And the hat, you ask? He kept telling me ‘brrr! cold!’ so I let him wear his special hat to ward off the fever chills. Even though sickness gives Mommy an excuse to indulge your whims the way she likes to, munchkin, we do hope you feel better soon!

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  1. Poor little guy! I hope all the booms go away from his head soon. :( Sorry to hear that your household has been struck with sickness -- praying for healing and rest for you all!