Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luke the aviator

Grandma and Grandpa Nielsen met their first granddaughter a few weeks ago. Do you think she was a heart-stealer?

Luke of course thought that they were just here for nonstop playtime with him!

While they were here, we spent an afternoon visiting the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History. We were delighted when it opened near our house soon after we moved to ABQ. What its aircraft collection lacks in explanatory placards, it makes up for in surreal proportions and interesting photo opportunities.

The gargantuan scale and diversity of the museum’s outdoor aircraft collection is astounding. Inside, they had plenty of exhibits that Luke could touch and play with, including an antique pedoscope that used to be commonly used in shoe stores to image people’s feet until it was banned due to its x-ray radiation! They also had several exhibits dealing with the atomic bomb: Erik and I left sobered by the magnitude of nuclear destruction and having learned several interesting historical tidbits.

It’s hard to believe it took us so long to visit the Nuclear Museum, but hopefully we’ll find a time to bring our little aviator back soon. Thank you for taking us Grandma and Grandpa!

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