Monday, March 28, 2011

Three months old!

On her three month birthday, I thought I would write in with the current stats on our little Ellabella. We love the versatility of the name Eleanor, which lends itself to a number of grown-up nicknames and also affords us a slew of more affectionate terms for our little Elliepie.


We’ve encouraged her to like a pacifier, and it seems to have mostly worked. She often appreciates the paci when falling asleep or a little upset. We love to put hats on her and she seems to enjoy them too, but if the edge of one slips over her eyes, watch out because she does not like that in the least!

As time goes by, she enjoys watching Luke more and more. We wonder what she must think of his wild antics and sometimes remind her that surely she won’t be so crazy when she turns two. Right, Eleanor?!?

Our favorite Eleanor moments

To our delight she has become more and more of a smiler. Almost every time I come over to her, she beams up at me with the sunniest of smiles.

Sibling report

I still think having two kiddos isn’t double the work of one (because there aren’t enough hours in the day to double the effort you were putting into just one, so with two children both kids just have to wait sometimes). But sometimes it can feel like triple the chaos. Since the beginning Luke has latched onto a somewhat maddening way of letting us know, in case we couldn’t hear it already, that the baby is crying. As if his panicked tone and loud whining isn’t dramatic enough, he can’t say the ‘c’ sound very well. So he tells us “baby die, baby die, baby die” instead, in an ever-escalating tone of hysteria. His concern for his sister is endearing, but I do wish that he would be a little less dramatic about it!

Of course Eleanor doubles her crying when she hears Luke’s tortured cries, which makes Luke cry more, and the cycle continues. My efforts to calm either child are undermined by the other one’s crying!! My least favorite place for this cycle to erupt though, is the car. It makes for a long ride home. Maybe Luke should be concerned about his dear mommy in those moments instead… (:

Our routine

Our routine hasn’t changed so much since my one-month post, but with the warming temps going outside has become a regular part of each day. We usually put her in the shade in her bouncy seat sporting a cute little hat!

Recent milestones

She can roll from her tummy to her back and scooch herself forward a few inches at a time. She has now been delighted to meet all four of her grandparents and her Auntie C. After outgrowing her newborn clothes and most 0-3 months items, she’s moving up to 3-month outfits.

In negative news, it seems she has had not one, not two, but three sicknesses in the past two months! The first was some sort of long-lasting RSV bug. Then came a virus that brought a fever and coughing which also lasted a couple weeks. Currently, she’s recovering from a more mild cold that just seemed to bring nasal congestion. We are very, very sorry that you have been so sick so early little one!!! We’re praying that the string of sickness is over!

Thank you for brightening our lives with your sweet and joyful spirit dear girl! We love you so and pray that God will bless you and shape you to follow Him!

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