Thursday, March 24, 2011

Counting the hours…

Erik’s first trip after Eleanor’s birth did not bode well for this week. When 5 o’clock struck with sick children and no hope of a knight on a white horse headed my way, I pressed the escape button. I strapped both kiddos into their car seats, hoping to avert Eleanor’s fussy evening period with a soothing car ride.

Luke of course needed more than engine noises for entertainment, so we drove to the construction site across from our church to look at the vehicles left there, and put his favorite song on repeat. We “wiggled it like Piglet” as the chorus goes, more times than you can imagine.

This week Erik has been gone again for a longer trip, and I’ve successfully made it through without resorting once to aimless car rides. Hurray! Last night was our most positive evening yet, with a smooth bedtime for Ela-belle followed by a nice playtime with Luke. We colored in the book I helped him make (we just stapled paper together and glued in pictures he chose from magazines) and assembled puzzles together. I just love the Melissa & Doug puzzle boxes – they’re a satisfying challenge for him so we’re both excited as he figures out each piece and there are fun ways to make them more challenging over time.

Then came the grand finale – Luke’s second successful potty visit! I don’t know if I’m ready for full-blown potty training quite yet, but it’s exciting to see his interest in it… or is it interest in my M&M reward system and his new potty book (Even Firefighters Go to the Potty)?

I was very proud of my big boy, but I’m even happier that my knight’s white horse is due back later today. Even though last night went well, I don’t think it would take too much longer for me to hit another car ride evening!

Their cuteness (and a little high-test coffee) does cover most of the chaos though, so I’ll sip my cup and leave you with a few recent pics.

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