Friday, February 4, 2011

Swinging temps & toddlers

What a crazy couple days it’s been here! Yesterday the recorded low in ABQ was –7 and with windchill it was around –30. On the weather they said that NM’s lows for the morning were colder than any other state in the continental US! And that wasn’t the only seemingly impossible news of the morning. Natural gas heat had been shut off for a number of homes and many business in Albuquerque, with the threat of much wider heat losses, due to high demand and rolling blackouts across the Southwest. Erik was sent home early because the gas was unexpectedly cut to the entire Air Force base (where he works) just before 9 am yesterday. Meanwhile we were conserving energy at home hoping to avoid a loss of heat ourselves. Since we don’t have a wood-burning fireplace or space heaters our heat loss plan was to pile into our bed with its electric heating pad on high and lots of covers! Thankfully it never came to that and the outages are lifting now. But who knew that such a thing was even possible after such a brief cold snap?

But now for some heartwarming kiddos and the real stars of this blog. Our housebound status prompted us to finally set up Luke’s baby swing and try it out with Eleanor. Luke practiced pushing it without her inside first, and then he did a pretty good job once she was strapped in. But he found spinning the mobile for her even more intriguing, and she might have liked that better too.

Luke helpfully tried to press the swing’s buttons, but they didn’t work since we’ve decided that it’s most entertaining for everyone if it’s fueled by Luke-power alone.

It was so sweet to see the swing give Luke and Eleanor their first taste of playing together. They were both enjoying and interacting with the same toy, and it was even pretty safe for a little babe!

Plus it was way cozier than riding this around outside, which is what Luke had done with me as his playmate earlier that day. Spring isn’t in next week’s forecast but hopefully it isn’t too far away!

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