Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ellie’s first Fourth

Yesterday morning, Luke and I took a special trip to the store to look for sprinkles and sparklers. Sadly they weren’t selling sparklers, but we did find sprinkles! Here Luke pours them into bowls for a patriotic treat to share at the cookout we’d soon be hosting.

His naptime came before we got too much farther in the preparation, so Mommy finished them herself. A simple dip into white chocolate and then one in blue sprinkles.

Later this week we’ll have to try this with pretzel sticks when Luke is awake since he loves helping in the kitchen these days. No-stove, no-knife ‘recipes’ like these are perfect for the Lukish chef!

With all the hubbub, I never dressed Ella in her holiday outfit. Alas! She was a show-stopper anyway though.

Meanwhile Luke and his buddy Marco sported red, white & blue a-plenty.

After dinner, the boys cooled off in the kiddie pool, rode bikes, and cruised in the cozy coupe.

While Eleanor was more interested in girl talk with her bestie, Eliana.

On our previous two Independence days here, it seemed as if almost every backyard hosted a little TNT fest of its own. This year, the extreme drought (just 0.14 inches have fallen at the ABQ airport in 2011) prompted warnings against fireworks. The city must have heeded the appeals, as the night passed much more quietly.

At times Luke thought the few faint booms were made by fire trucks, since any mention of fire conjures up red trucks in our little boy’s mind. At other points he thought that crickets must be the cause, since they are what we usually go out in the yard to listen for at dusk. He’s always been a little mystified by those loud, invisible insects that neither of his parents can imitate, so it was easy to ascribe booms and pops to them as well. We’ll have to take him to the fantastic Princeton fireworks some year soon to clear up his confusion. In New Jersey, it’s thunderstorms, not drought conditions, that threaten the show!

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