Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Honoring Grandma

Eleanor and I took a very quick trip out to Maryland this weekend to visit with family and honor my Grandma on my dad’s side. She has been declining after a long and full life of farming, raising children, hosting grandchildren on her farm, and she was a pretty sharp pinochle player too! My sister and I will never forget our small claim to farming know-how -- we once showed cows at a county fair when we visited Grandma for a week as kids. This weekend’s gathering was a bittersweet time, set at the lovely National Colonial Farm in Accokeek, MD where my cousin Polly works. Here’s Polly with her sister Jessie.

And here’s the National Farm. What a peaceful spot!

It’s just across the Potomac from Mount Vernon, George Washington’s estate.

In the dozens of flights I’ve now taken with kiddos, this was the very first one on a carrier other than Southwest Air. It reminded me that Southwest’s open seating policy delivers the benefit of seatmates who have self-selected to fly next to a small child. What an advantage! But nonetheless, Ellie and I made it there and back just fine, and she charmed several kind passengers along the way.

Of course we saw Uncle Jack and Uncle Sam. Those two are always up to trouble.

And Ellie’s beloved Aunt, posing for a Diet Coke commercial?

And there was another baby celebrity, my cousin Brenna’s adorable 11-month-old, Emerson.

My Aunt Mary Lynn did a wonderful job organizing the gathering. She also has made gorgeous quilts for Luke & Eleanor. Here is the talented lady herself!

My dad is one of six, and all of his siblings were there. Here’s my Uncle Flip.

My Aunt Barbie, ever technology-savvy

And I missed getting a photo of my Uncle Johnny because we didn’t overlap for very long. But he is my dad’s identical twin, so this photo with my dad will have to count for both of them. Here is my dad (far left), his sister my Aunt Betty (middle) with my grandmother.

It was wonderful to visit with so many aunts, uncles, and cousins who I haven’t caught up with in so long! I also treasured seeing Eleanor meet her great-grandmother. We love you Grandma and are praying for you!

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