Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summery stripes

Summer has slowly established itself in our living space. Most dramatic is the canvas I painted to inject some sunshine over our fireplace. 

I modeled it after a similar project I found here. Except I did mine in warm colors and added a few contrasting grey stripes to tie it into our walls and fireplace.

The blue striped covers (first pic, right side) add an ocean vibe underneath the sunshine-y art, and the embroidered coral pillow (first pic, left side) adds some delicate seaside interest. Are you thinking that coral seems out of place in the high desert? Albuquerque lies in an ancient seabed you know!

Behind our kitchen table, I love the beachy texture of these frames that announce the real theme to our home: The Luke and Eleanor Museum of Activity. The photos (12x18’s) print for only $2.99 at Costco, so I have plans to change out the Ellie print again soon. I’m thinking a shot of Ella in our desert willow tree like this one would go better with Luke’s rocky backdrop. But anyway, here’s the bookcase as it stands now, tray of toddler art supplies and all.

Unlike most museums, the LEMA’s exhibits are always on the move. Curator Luke particularly enjoys relocating trucks, trains, and sisters.

Happy summer!

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