Sunday, November 25, 2012

Feast with friends

Thanksgiving morning, our kitchen fell prey to a shocking predicament. We were ready too early! The turkey package instructed cooking for 5 hours, and we loaded our lady bird into the oven a touch early to be sure. But then at just 10:15 a tasty turkey aroma enveloped our home. I tried to believe that she couldn’t possibly be done, but when we checked her at 10:45, she was already 15 degrees above the target temp! Ay caramba! Fortunately the internet came to our rescue with a ‘turkey emergency’ website. We quadruple-foil-wrapped our birdie and kept her warm until the meal, and she only dried out a little.

What a fun feast it was, followed by a lovely walk around our neighborhood to see the sun set and luminarias light up rooftops. {I’m quite taken with the southwestern Christmas tradition of luminarias -- candles in paper bags lining walkways or rooftops -- and am hoping to get a set now that we have a stucco home.}

We spent the rest of the weekend with a few more casual get-togethers, some little projects, and lots of relaxed family time. A perfect holiday!

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