Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our friend Jake

It seems our home is making a name for itself in snake circles. Slithering guests Hissy and Bully have now been followed by a permanent resident of the reptilian class. He descends from ancient cobras and is distinguished by gleaming red eyes. Fortunately this most recent critter is a little more predictable than his predecessors, thanks to a hand-held remote controller. We’re all quite fond of Jake {the Snake}.

It took the longest for Jake to earn Eleanor’s trust. Even now she still has moments of gleeful concern, but she squeals with joy when she wields the controller and will bravely dash in to save people from Jake in the little game we play.

Luke has mastered the controller, and delights to slither Jake forward full-speed to strike his target. Oh the peals of laughter that follow each bold attack!

Every once in a while, in dim lighting, I start at Jake’s suspicious silhouette in the corner of the living room. But those few moments are far outweighed by my appreciation for Jake’s sturdy construction and easy-to-use buttons. He has freed me up to accomplish more than one household task. Thank you so much H, G, and J for sending him to us. We take good care of him – as you can see he’s become quite comfortable here, even in our private med clinic!

PS: I just love all three videos here from Jake’s first few days with us, and there are a few more photos here.

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