Monday, November 19, 2012

Under the sea with L & E

After their initial debut at Luke’s preschool party, Luke the Shark and Ella the Fish paddled back for Halloween, ably crossing boulders and bushes alike.

They checked on their glitter-painted pumpkins,

Biked the perimeter,

And inspected our pebbles.

We had to watch out because you never know when a shark may sneak up…

And ATTACK!!!!

After our backyard photo shoot, we had a lovely time trick-or-treating with friends. Happy Halloween, from the cutest pair of fish in the sea!!

{More Halloween pics here.}


  1. I love the costumes and the two look like a perfect ocean duo! Did you make them? I wouldn't be surprised. ;)

  2. No, I would have liked to make them, but it ended up being best to go the buying route. Maybe next year! (: