Monday, February 11, 2013

Hearts of the home

My admiration for hearts and all things red and pink has waned little as the years have passed. How could such prettyness have an age limit? So last week while Erik was gallivanting by train and taxi through snowy France (for work), I pulled out my red and pink stash to keep me cheery.

Eleanor is of course my cutest photo prop, but I do love my hand-sewn felt heart garland too.

The heart print was a free printable I downloaded a few years back. I just taped it on a pink canvas by the kids and changed out our couch pillow covers.

I couldn’t neglect our kitchen table, so it got some heart garland too, and a little Valentine’s Day trail mix.

The kids enjoy V-day books and crafts with me. Inspired by “A Zillion Valentines” Luke has prioritized quantity over quality this year, so after some initial cookie-cutter and potato stamping experimentation he’s been stuck on mass-producing construction paper hearts with a quick marker scribble and generous glitter glue on top. I love when he presents the biggest ones to me, a la another V-day book we’ve enjoyed, “A Kiss for Froggy” (which he finds hilarious). My final Valentine’s Day book pick comes from Eleanor. She prefers “Olive My Love” and requests it most nights. Happy hearts to you!

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