Saturday, February 16, 2013

Party princess

Our Ellabelle does love a party. All week she beamed excitement when we’d work on little tasks for her Valentine’s fete or talk about her friends who would be coming. Then at the party she was just bubbling with joy. What a treasure to make her so happy. If only it would always be this easy!

I entertained grand plans of a big girly-themed shindig, but ended up keeping it super-tiny to avoid overwhelming us or the Ellabelle. We went with the seasonal flow and chose a Valentine’s theme, which I was already well stocked for since I store more than my share of hearts and pink.

We started off the party with one of Eleanor’s favorite books, “It’s My Birthday” by Helen Oxenbury. Ella delights in making the noise for each animal and cautioning the cat to be careful. The sweet friendship and teamwork storyline is a winner too, a cherished gift from an East Coast friend.

Then we had a Heart Hunt! The girls took bags and collected heart-shaped foam stickers in the playroom. Luke did a super-job helping Erik hide them and coaching the girls on where to look.

Next up were the heart leis. The kiddos strung cardstock hearts and straw segments on a string. Ella may not have alternated her hearts and straw spacers exactly like I had in mind, but look how proud she is!

The necklaces were the perfect portrait accessory. What grown-up girlies they’re getting to be.

When the wiggles brought an end to the photo shoot, there was an intermission for hugs.

Followed by some sticker resist heart painting.

After all that hard work (heart hunting, necklace-making, and painting, oh my!) the kids were definitely ready for lunch. Erik made tasty quesadillas and then there was cake.

We love you, Ellabelle! It was magical to prepare for the morning with you, may we find lots more parties and projects to work on together as the years go by!!

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  1. she is so beautiful. and these pictures are priceless. full of adorable little girl outfits and personality!